So you bought a new home and now it’s time to get moving – literally! Packing, unpacking, living off of peanut butter sandwiches and cereal because you already packed the dishes; these are all part of the moving experience. Moving has got to be in the top 10 most stressful experiences in life, but it doesn’t have to be. There are certain steps you can take to ease the burden of moving. Even if you are an experienced mover, you can benefit from these tips!

De-clutter your current space

One of the biggest moving mistakes one can make is packing and transferring belongings they aren’t going to use. There is no point in putting so much effort into moving items that have no worth to you, so just don’t do it! Before you begin the packing process go through everything in your home and decide what you’re keeping and what will be donated to the local thrift store. You can even “Marie Kondo” your home if you so desire. She has a simple method to de-clutter and organize your home that involves only keeping items that bring you joy. 

Be proactive with packing

Many people wait until the last minute to start packing up their home goods. However, that isn’t the best idea. To ensure a lower-stress, better moving day, spend the weeks leading up to the big day boxing up items. This will give you time to properly pack all of your belongings. If you’re concerned about packing up items that are a necessity, start off by packing things you know you won’t have to use while waiting to move into the new place. 

Pack with intention

Generally, most items can be packed in standard moving boxes with packing paper. But electronics and fragile items should be packed with care. If you’ve still got the boxes that your TV and computer came in, that’s your best option. Some other items that should be specially packed are dishes, artwork, and lamps. In addition, it’s best to pack heavier items in small boxes. This will alleviate the load and avoid the risk of the bottom of boxes falling out. 

Pack a room a day

The fastest and easiest way to pack while keeping things organized is to pack by room and label all the boxes. That way, once you arrive at your new home you’ll know right where each box is supposed to go. If you have the time you can plan on packing up one room per day up until the move. Just remember that some rooms will take longer than others. Rooms with fragile items, such as the kitchen, will take more time because you will have to wrap each item individually.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

If at any point during the moving process you feel overwhelmed, remember that it is never too late to ask for help. This help can include a few family members or neighbors who offer up their truck and/or muscles, or you can hire a professional moving crew. The choice is yours! Just remember if you go the moving crew route, to check each high-value item carefully before and after they move it.