If you have a home, chances are you have a small bathroom. Unfortunately, they often feel cramped because of awkward layouts and limited lighting. The good news is there are many ways to open up the space without knocking down walls or spending loads of money. Here are just 5 tips that are so easy and foolproof, you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of them sooner!

1. Brighten the space

Light naturally opens up a room that would otherwise feel cramped. Three inexpensive ways to add light to a bathroom are:

  • Light fixtures. If you’re lacking natural light from windows, install additional light fixtures to improve the room’s lighting.

  • Window coverings. Use sheer window coverings to let in natural light and make the room feel more open and airy.

  • Colors. Paint the walls and ceiling the same color; preferably a light one. This can make the bathroom feel double its size and create an open flow. Light colored flooring also has the same effect!

2. Mirror mirror on the wall

Many small bathrooms come standard with a mirror that is meager, to say the least. Luckily, you can add multiple, larger mirrors to create reflected light that will naturally open up the space. Great creative with it and think outside the box! You can put mirrors in places other than just above the sink. Placing a mirror across from a window or behind a light fixture really magnifies the light. 

3. Eliminate clutter

Less is definitely more when it comes to small bathrooms! Decide what you absolutely need in the bathroom and move the rest elsewhere. Organize towels and toiletries with recessed shelving and medicine cabinets to keep the walls flush. You can also add some floating shelves to add extra storage space that is pleasing to the eye, yet functional!

4. Raise the bar

Typically shower curtain bars are a foot or so below the ceiling. However, moving the bar up to the ceiling draws your eyes up and creates the illusion of a larger space. You can do the same with window treatments as this has the same effect! Another idea is to use a lighter shower curtain with pops of color to lighten the space while still adding personality. 

5. Hide the bathmat

One of the easiest changes you can make is to put your bathmat away when not in use. This simple task makes the room feel larger just by exposing the floor. It may seem like such a simple trick but it really does make a difference!

Small and simple changes can yield big results in a tiny bathroom. Once you’ve mastered opening up the bathroom, apply these same principles throughout your home to create a bright and roomy space that you will love coming home to every day!